Whereas:Gun-grabbers in Jefferson City have declared war on gun owners and are attempting to repeal Missouri’s Constitutional Carry through S.B. 75; and     
Whereas:      Gun-grabbers are attempting to enact a statewide gun registry of every gun and gun owner under the guise of ‘universal background checks’ through H.B. 210, which would stop virtually no crime; and      
Whereas:      Gun-grabbers have unveiled multiple different ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ bills, that would allow my firearms to be confiscated via secret court hearings, and before I’ve been charged, indicted, or convicted of anything; and      
Whereas:      The Second Amendment states, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”;    
Therefore:      As your constituent, I insist you vote “NO!” on any legislation that would repeal or weaken Missouri’s gun laws -- and that you support ‘Gun Free Zone’ repeal legislation (H.B. 258/S.B. 121,) instead.

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Petition to the Members of the Missouri House and Senate



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