Whereas:Gun control militants like Senator Jill Schupp (SB 42) and Representative Deb Lavender (HB40) are trying to seize on the national momentum for gun control by seeking implementation of 'Red Flag Gun Seizure Orders;' and       
Whereas:      Emergency ‘Red Flag Seizure Orders’ would destroy due process for gun owners by allowing gun-confiscation to occur before a gun owner has been arrested, indicted or convicted of anything; and      
Whereas:      Not only will these gun seizures do virtually nothing to stop violent crime, this system will be abused to gin up support in embittered divorce and child custody cases;      
Whereas:      Republicans in 'red states' all over America are supporting this bill, calling it a 'reasonable response' to recent mass shootings.    
Therefore:      As a law-abiding voter, I demand you publicly oppose, block in committee and vote "NO" on any votes regarding 'Red Flag Gun Seizure Orders!'

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